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  1. Also the rightist Christian Democrat Giulio Andreotti had doubts about the accommodation.
  2. The CDU's Bavaria-based sister party, the staunchly conservative rightist Christian Social Union, rejected the initiative.
  3. Bavarian Governor Edmund Stoiber, seen as a possible opposition chancellor candidate in 2002 elections, was re-elected Saturday as head of the rightist Christian Social Union for two years.
  4. "It must continue until the government gives in, " declared Michael Glos of the rightist Christian Social Union, which governs Bavaria and is allied with the Christian Democrats.
  5. At the first congress of the rightist Christian Democracy of Poland, the ex-president and founder of the Solidarity movement said the new party represents a moderate wing of Poland's right.
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  7. Furthermore, in an interview with the journalist Ghassan Bin-Jiddu, Rahbani stated that the bloodbath in the Palestinian camp Tall al-Za tar by rightist Christian militias in 1976 was the main reason that drove him to leave politics.
  8. Peter Ramsauer, a leader of the rightist Christian Social Union, said the decision by the ex-communists to hire Rainer Rupp, a former communist mole at NATO headquarters, showed the party " is farther than ever " from recognizing its responsibilities to the constitutional state.
  9. Before the elections in 1922, the rightist Christian National Union ( Chrze [ cijaDski Zwizek Jedno [ ci Narodowej ) included the Popular-National Union, the National Workers Party ( Narodowe Stronnictwo Robotnicze ), the Polish Christian-Democratic Party ( Polskie Stronnictwo Chrze [ cijaDskiej Demokracji ) and the National Christian Peasant Party ( Narodowo-Chrze [ cijaDskie Stronnictwo Ludowe ).

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