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  1. A geologist, he spent 19 years in the laogai for " counterrevolutionary rightism ."
  2. A convicted neo-Nazi terrorist was denied entry to parliament Wednesday to attend defense committee hearings on radical rightism in the German army.
  3. Hoeppner said unless Kohl's party cooperates in moves to counteract extreme rightism, there would be no basis for further coalition talks.
  4. When Xiang learned of the Comintern s decision on anti-rightism, he claimed that the Chinese revolution was in its peak period.
  5. I can only assume, that he disliked from a personal political standpoint ( extrem-rightism ) my latest thesis to the Lusitania case.
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  7. A convicted neo-Nazi terrorist was denied entry to parliament Wednesday to attend defense committee hearings on the pervasiveness of radical rightism in the German army.
  8. Members of Chancellor Helmut Kohl's center-right coalition say it should deal simply with isolated incidents of radical rightism and not the German military as a whole.
  9. Alerted by a sociologist who tracks the neo-Nazi movement, the government started its probe into the zones in early December, just the latest alarm over extreme rightism.
  10. Lawmakers from the Free Democrats argued the probe has yielded no evidence since it began in January that radical rightism was more prevalent in the military than in society at large.
  11. When the Far East Bureau of the Comintern issued an order for anti-rightism and blamed the CCP for not being active enough in 1929, Xiang protested this decision.
  12. Some of these were old CCP members such as labor activists He Mengxiong and Luo Zhanglong who were blamed for their rightism only because they were against Li's extremism.
  13. In this congress, Xiang attacked both the leftism of Qu Qiubai and the rightism of Zhang Guotao, essentially claiming himself to be the only orthodox representative of Chinese revolution.
  14. The German People's Union election success in one eastern state and a May Day rally by neo-Nazis in a neighboring state has raised concerns over an upswing of extreme-rightism.
  15. "This is a little unbelievable to me, because the American side has frequently reprimanded us by saying we have not been combating extreme rightism with the necessary vigor, " he said.
  16. The evidence of extreme rightism among soldiers and officers has been an great embarrassment for Germany's army, which only recently started assuming a more international role after decades of post-World War II restraint.
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