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  1. Another rightish opposition party, the Christian Democrats, came in third with 16.9 percent.
  2. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Denmark's rightish prime minister, met Bush in Washington two months ago and emerged smitten.
  3. For example the UK ( left ) joined in while Canada ( leftish ) didn't and Germany ( rightish ) didn't.
  4. In 1948 he entered Parliament as the Labor member for Southwark, in South London, and quickly fell under the spell of Hugh Gaitskill, the party's rightish leader.
  5. Norway's ( rightish ) one has been more critical of America's treatment of the al-Qaeda prisoners taken to its Guantanamo naval base in Cuba and its alleged neglect of the Palestinian cause.
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  7. It's the classic fish-out-of-water tale, as the noble Dudley Do-Rightish Mountie deals with us miserable Americans; he's helped by streetwise Chicago cop Ray Vecchio ( David Marciano, the bicycle messenger on " Civil Wars " ).
  8. He is a rightish Republican, but he says he believes that the only way to make the GOP dominant is to reshape and expand the party, building on its base of ideological conservatives but broadening its appeal to reach traditionally Democratic voters like Latinos, African-Americans and union members.
  9. You can almost say that to do traditional Chinese brush painting is to support the rightish New Party, which favors reunification with the mainland; to do conceptual art is to ally yourself with the leftish Democratic Progressive Party ( DPP ), which favors independence; to do oil painting ( almost all dreadful by Western standards ) is to tie yourself to the ruling centrist Nationalist Party or Kuomintang ( KMT ).
  10. :: : Asmrulz, 2001 : 4898 : 80E0 : ED43 : 0 : 0 : 0 : 3-- Those in the U . S . who are publicly vocal about refusing to have their children vaccinated probably aren't too likely to be hard-core leftists, but I have the impression that they're quite often upper-middle-class well-educated quasi-" hipster " urbanites who vote Democratic, so in that sense it seems reasonable to label anti-vaccinationism as overall more of a leftish thing than a rightish thing.

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