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  1. "There's an interest in righting wrongs, but the plurality just isn't there,"
  2. In between righting wrongs, " Xena " never hesitates to laugh at itself.
  3. All different chaps, but all in synch when righting wrongs.
  4. He cares about righting wrongs, including those in our past.
  5. Like most vigilanteism, it has more to do with exercising power than with righting wrongs.
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  7. Jack, Doc, and Reggie were more interested in the thrill of adventure than in righting wrongs.
  8. Indian officials stress, however, that the land claims are about righting wrongs that are centuries old.
  9. They travel the world, ferreting out hidden information and righting wrongs while exuding a palpable-yet-unexpressed romantic chemistry.
  10. The so-called A-Team traveled the country righting wrongs and fighting bad guys as they fled law enforcement.
  11. There is something of the hippie in his rootless roaming around America, seeking out injustice and righting wrongs.
  12. VA psychologist Nicole Best calls it " righting wrongs, forgiving each other, remembering good times and bad times ."
  13. Law, in short, is a flawed tool for measuring scandal, just as it is often a clumsy tool for righting wrongs.
  14. Why are we taking steps back, in the name of righting wrongs, when those who are most involved aren't even offended?
  15. He then traveled across China, following Rhino's advice to use his kung fu for good by righting wrongs and protecting the weak.
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