righting system in a sentence

"righting system" in Chinese  
  1. She apparently took pains to convince him that she had adopted the right system .
  2. Introduction of public lending right system in canada
  3. On marxism theory of the property rights system change
  4. The fishery right system in china ' s real right law
  5. Research on the property right system and the accounting work
  6. It's difficult to find righting system in a sentence.
  7. Building of real right system of countryside land
  8. New property rights system of urban land supply
  9. Reform of the property right system in medical institutions
  10. On the establishing the complete property right system
  11. The history of yellow river water right system is discussed
  12. On the property right system of resources environment in china
  13. Water rights concept and water rights system are studied
  14. Causation observation of water right system change
  15. On the establishment of modern property right system
  16. An approach to establishing parent right system
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