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  1. AIDS is rightfully getting a lot of attention around the world,
  2. Orlando entered the playoffs filled with pride, and rightfully so.
  3. Rightfully so, they should be a little down on us.
  4. There is, rightfully in my mind, concern among many,
  5. Pitted against a machine, Kasparov could rightfully claim the same.
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  7. Fulmer rightfully calls Florida the Southeastern Conference's measuring stick.
  8. It's rightfully inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.
  9. We'd be picketed, and rightfully so ."
  10. He believes in the skills he has, and rightfully so.
  11. We are rightfully outraged when anyone attacks or desecrates our flag,
  12. We, rightfully, have very strict codes concerning client confidentiality.
  13. And rightfully so after the conference's performance in 1999.
  14. And what is rightfully theirs is anything they choose to take.
  15. He is rightfully concerned about himself and sometimes things get overlooked.
  16. This idea, too, seems doomed, and rightfully so.
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