righteous in a sentence

"righteous" meaning  "righteous" in Chinese  
  1. Giving black hair to traitors, fair hair to the righteous.
  2. But the behavior of the righteous is one that denies evil.
  3. Not that Chan is a self-righteous hard-liner.
  4. As Bharosa, Puri raises righteous indignation to a feverish fury.
  5. They are going to die as part of righteous holy war.
  6. It's difficult to find righteous in a sentence.
  7. The manners may be rough, but the words are righteous.
  8. Or food they dislike so they can feel self-righteous.
  9. It must have seemed so righteous to oust a speaker then.
  10. Carter could be self-righteous and pridefully stubborn and petty.
  11. All that bluster, all that righteous anger, seemed orchestrated.
  12. He was a righteous burglar, very good at his work,
  13. The key to a successful action movie today is righteous violence.
  14. Even now, the case emits an aura of righteous anger.
  15. The Righteous Persons Foundation is dedicated to strengthening Jewish communal life.
  16. Okun tells parents not to be defensive or self-righteous.
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