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  1. The cycle reversed as interest rates fell and economies hit bottom.
  2. To the professionals, this reverse archaeological exodus is a milestone.
  3. Ultimately, only Clinton himself can reverse his falling poll numbers.
  4. End sweeps, reverse plays, the old statue of liberty.
  5. The hormones can be impossible to reverse and surgery is final.
  6. It's difficult to find reverse in a sentence.
  7. But the environmental agency has reversed itself under the Clinton administration.
  8. It came to market tapping a solid niche, reverse mortgages.
  9. Unless current trends are reversed, things will grow much worse.
  10. But I certainly won't push reverse . "'
  11. The same flawed thinking is reversed when tax hikes are considered.
  12. Soybeans futures prices finished mostly higher Tuesday, reversing early losses.
  13. So you have a reverse situation, not integrated very well.
  14. Gingrich thus reversed Speaker Thomas P . " Tip"
  15. What you're seeing now is that course reversing itself.
  16. In this year's replay, the roles are reversed.
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