return in a sentence

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  1. Leader did not return repeated telephone calls to his Manhattan office.
  2. The Clinton administration deserves credit for ending summary returns in May.
  3. We are not expecting an imminent return to a bull market,
  4. The return to jubilant color in " Mom,"
  5. Skrepenak said he hoped to return to practice today or Saturday.
  6. It's difficult to find return in a sentence.
  7. Sword's lawyer did not return phone calls seeking comment.
  8. I'd sneak home from work to watch them return.
  9. Her attorney did not return a phone call asking for comment.
  10. Even concession prices are raised to the point of no return.
  11. Rangel did not return a telephone call on Saturday seeking comment.
  12. She returns home, finds her parents dead, marries Eckbert.
  13. "He's a good return guy,"
  14. The crew will return to Ventura on Friday with the mammoth.
  15. A Televisa official did not return a telephone call for comment.
  16. In return, the union agreed to less restrictive work rules.
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