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  1. No doubt about it, return mail is gratifying.
  2. Any child can write in and receive a free book by return mail.
  3. Kindly let me hear from you by return mail.
  4. One brickbat came in by return mail.
  5. I have several suggestions to make which I ll mention to him by return mail.
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  7. Abraham Lincoln replied by return mail.
  8. Any return mail had to ready to leave when the boat left on the next tide.
  9. Wilhelm II also was visibly pleased and even conferred a medal on von Reuter by return mail.
  10. Children, in turn, can write to their favorite characters at the E-mail address and will receive return mail.
  11. The church records the person's name on its role of ministers and sends a certificate of ordination by return mail.
  12. There's a better chance of actually getting return mail from them than from the real " Mailman,"
  13. She recalls that when children wrote asking for her great-grandfather's autograph, he always sent one by return mail.
  14. For the union to win an election, more than 50 percent of the workers would have to return mail ballots supporting unionization.
  15. After confirming it was still in warranty, she said I could send it back and they would send a replacement by return mail.
  16. Last week, 1.4 million ballots were sent out to registered Republicans and Democrats to decide their Senate nominees, by return mail.
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