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  1. He'd feel obligated to return losses to shareholders who lost money ."
  2. The goal here was to return loss-making businesses to maximum possible profitability.
  3. Isolation can be estimated from the coupling plus return loss.
  4. At 100ms, 45 dB return loss is required for less than 1 % of test subjects to express dissatisfaction.
  5. Harcourt General stock has actually gone down in value during that same period, generating a total-return loss of 14.8 percent.
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  7. The products may also be used as optical sources or optical power meters, or to measure optical return loss or event reflectance.
  8. Harcourt General stock has actually gone down in value during that same period, generating a total-return loss of 14 . 8 percent.
  9. Do you have a target for the return loss in dB ?-- Light current 17 : 23, 24 January 2007 ( UTC)
  10. In particular, is it the length of the match ? you have already given the acceptable return loss, though that probably is not rigid.
  11. A fiber optic " filter " is a component with two or more ports that provides wavelength sensitive loss, isolation and / or return loss.
  12. Thus, a large positive return loss indicates the reflected power is small relative to the incident power, which indicates good impedance match from source to load.
  13. Note that for passive two-port networks in which " S 11 " d " 1 } }, it follows that return loss is a non-negative quantity :.
  14. What is important-low return loss and flat response ( eg an intrumention problem ) or efficient power transfer ( eg a transmitter or radio reciever front end )?
  15. The transmission quality of a network isolator can be determined by measuring the industry standard parameters or characteristics, for example, insertion loss, return loss, and near end crosstalk.
  16. Alternatives to fusion splicing include using optical fiber connectors or mechanical splices both of which have higher insertion losses, lower reliability and higher return losses than fusion splicing.
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