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  1. Return links are often, but not always, slower than the corresponding forward links.
  2. Googling individual words of the lyrics only returns links to pages reproducing the same lyrics.
  3. In the terminal-to-gateway direction ( or return link ), the narrow-band channels employ the same efficient transmission methods.
  4. These narrow-band channels operate in different multiple-access modes based on bandwidth-usage behavior, including ALOHA and TDMA for STAR return link waveform.
  5. One result is that Google searches for historical information for particular places in Britain are very likely to return links to Vision of Britain.
  6. It's difficult to find return link in a sentence.
  7. The process of sending information towards the spacecraft is called uplink or forward link and the opposite process is called downlink or return link.
  8. They may then transition to O-mode if a usable return link is available, and the decompressor sends a positive acknowledgement, with O-mode specified, to the compressor.
  9. In electronic news gathering ( ENG ), the IFB can be sent through a telephone hybrid, or some other return link in a broadcast auxiliary service.
  10. Because the return link carries telemetry, often including imagery, it is often orders of magnitude faster than the forward link that transmits only a few predefined spacecraft commands.
  11. For example, in a star radio network, only the central hub transmits on the forward link, so channel access method is a consideration only on the return link.
  12. This module can be applied to any talk page or discussion archive, and will return links to all the numbered archives of that page or its parent page.
  13. This template can be applied to any talk page or discussion archive, and will return links to all the numbered archives of that page or its parent page.
  14. The template returns links to the pages in Talk : YourPage / Archives / YYYY / Month even if it is located in a subpage of Talk : YourPage.
  15. The process of building links should not be confused with being listed on link farms, as the latter requires reciprocal return links, which often renders the overall backlink advantage useless.
  16. A Google search for'Libra academic search'( without quotation marks ) returns links to Microsoft Academic Search, or pages describing same . talk ) 23 : 25, 4 April 2010 ( UTC)
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