return kick in a sentence

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  1. "I've been anxious to return kicks for a while, " said Glenn.
  2. And if the Patriots don't let him return kicks and catch passes?
  3. He can play wide receiver, return kicks or fly the space shuttle.
  4. Regardless, Sanders and cornerback Clayton Holmes figure to return kicks, Switzer said.
  5. You have special teams that can block punts and return kicks.
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  7. Coach George Seifert said he would return kicks Sunday in Dallas.
  8. Brown will continue to return punts while Kaufman will return kicks.
  9. In 1995, Green Bay was looking for someone to return kicks.
  10. He's a proven third-down back and can return kicks, but he fumbles occasionally.
  11. The number will vary depending on who returns kicks and punts.
  12. Translation : he wants to play wide receiver as well as return kicks.
  13. Few players of Glenn's size perform full-time and then return kicks as well.
  14. Arnold was widely expected to play Sunday, perhaps helping Desmond Howard return kicks.
  15. Because of it, teams can no longer keep players who only return kicks.
  16. Amerson said he won't return kicks the rest of the season.
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