return keys in a sentence

"return keys" in Chinese  
  1. There is a Return key rather than a carriage return lever.
  2. To switch between environments you need to press the command-return keys.
  3. Even special keys such as the return key and spacebar can be overridden.
  4. There is a lot of white space because the return key functions as punctuation.
  5. Use the return key if necessary to move your cursor below the SUPER DEAL text.
  6. It's difficult to find return keys in a sentence.
  7. And the return key should be bigger.
  8. Most keyboards have springs to return keys to their original positions after they're struck.
  9. You need to press the Return key to move the cursor to the bottom of the page.
  10. The Return key was located in a more standard location and was used to generate a new line.
  11. In modern word processing applications, pressing the return key ends a paragraph and starts a new one.
  12. The invalid boundaries would be 0 characters ( null, just hit the Return key ) and 31 characters.
  13. Hit the return key so the cursor moves to the line below ANDY'S . Type : MARTIAN COLLEGE.
  14. While viewing MORE text, the return key displays the next line, the space bar displays the next page.
  15. I believe I have been using paragraphs in my comments, I distinguish each paragraph from the previous with the return key.
  16. One such maneuver on a well-known computer involves simultaneously pressing Control key, Command key, Return key and Power On key.
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