return jonathan meigs in a sentence

  1. When the war clouds of 1812 began to creep upon Northwest Ohio, Return Jonathan Meigs.
  2. Just after statehood, Symmes was elected to represent Return Jonathan Meigs, Jr . resigned.
  3. He is the father of Major Gen . Return Jonathan Meigs ( 1740  1823 ), Colonel in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.
  4. In joint session, local judges and three Ohio Supreme Court judges, Return Jonathan Meigs, Jr ., Samuel H . Huntington, and William Sprigg, were elected.
  5. During this period another regiment known as the " Connecticut State Regiment " was authorized by Connecticut on June 20, 1776, for home defense with Return Jonathan Meigs, a major of the 2nd Connecticut Regiment then on parole after being captured during Arnold's Invasion of Canada.
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  7. During the American Revolutionary War, American raiders under Return Jonathan Meigs attacked a British garrison on May 23, 1777, on a hill at what today is the Old Burying Ground next to the Whaler's Church, killing six and capturing 90 British soldiers in what was called Meigs Raid.
  8. "' Return Jonathan Meigs "'[ born December 17 ( old style ) or 28th ( new style ), 1740; died January 28, 1823 ], a colonel in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, was one of the federal government as an Indian agent working with the Cherokee in Tennessee.

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