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  1. Customers are more likely to return items that are misleadingly advertised.
  2. I figure I can return items if I find something better.
  3. Customers who make purchases on-line can return items to stores.
  4. Over time, making it difficult to return items could cost retailers customers.
  5. What prompts people to return items after so long?
  6. It's difficult to find return item in a sentence.
  7. Also, unlike the old Progress crafts, it can return items to Earth.
  8. Members can borrow or return items from any library or bookbus in the network.
  9. The company said it provides clear instructions for customers who need to return items by post.
  10. Customers also can return items by placing them in electronic bins for couriers to pick up.
  11. Stopping by Casa dell'Angelo to return items borrowed from Damiel, Cassiel encounters Flesti again.
  12. Good customer service, including return policy ( may return items to any store or by mail ).
  13. Both services let you return items by giving them to your driver and credit you on your next order.
  14. "People in Mexico are rarely able to return items to stores if they don't like them.
  15. It is also easier now to return items at the online retailer's brick-and-mortar storefront.
  16. In January 2016, Doorman announced the ability for customers to request the pickup of return items they purchased online.
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