return a verdict in a sentence

"return a verdict" in Chinese  
  1. It invites the jury to compromise and return a verdict of second-degree,
  2. The court said it expected to return a verdict on Thursday.
  3. Jurors were expected to return a verdict late Friday night.
  4. The judge eventually directed the jury to return a verdict of " not guilty ".
  5. Twelve jurors and three alternates remain and 12 jurors are needed to return a verdict.
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  7. Prosecutors expected the jury of four women and three men to return a verdict late Friday.
  8. I'm surprised it took them parts of two days to return a verdict in Winfrey's favor.
  9. "That's one of the things a jury looks at before it returns a verdict of death.
  10. Darden reminded jurors of Cochran's exhortation to return a verdict they could live with the day after.
  11. Judges have yet to return a verdict.
  12. As a matter of principle and practicality, they can responsibly return a verdict of life without parole.
  13. A : I thought it was important that a racially mixed jury return a verdict of guilty.
  14. Truong is among the defendants most likely to receive the death sentence when the jury returns a verdict.
  15. "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I'm asking you to return a verdict that is not easy ."
  16. The juries are generally made of seven members, who can return a verdict based on a majority of five.
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