rettenbach glacier in a sentence

  1. It is the access road from S鰈den to the Rettenbach glacier and the Tiefenbachferner glacier.
  2. It is the access road from S鰈den to the Rettenbach glacier and Tiefenbachferner glaciers in the 謙ztal Alps.
  3. Pozzovivo did return at the Tour de Suisse and registered second place on the queen stage of the race, a affair which finished at the foot of the Rettenbach glacier.
  4. Frenchman Thibaut Pinot grabbed the queen stage to the Rettenbach glacier and held the leader's jersey for four stages, but had to surrender it on the last day of competition to ` pilak.
  5. The 17, 000 alpine fanatics who gathered at the Rettenbach Glacier high above the village of Soelden were shocked to see the proud Austrian " Power Team " fail to put a racer on the podium for the second straight day.
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  7. Filming started in Austria in December 2014, with production taking in the area around S鰈den including the 謙ztal Glacier Road, Rettenbach glacier and the adjacent ski resort and cable car station and Obertilliach and Land Rover Defender Bigfoot and a Range Rover Sport.
  8. Near the top of the valley, the foot of the Rettenbach glacier, the road turns south and continues climbing through a ski tunnel the second highest road tunnel in Europe where the highest point of the road is at the southern end of the tunnel.
  9. Locations such as the river Danube and its banks ( as in " Division at Banks " for Klangwolke Linz 2005, and " Leviathan " in Mautern / Krems upon Danube ), a glacier ( " mars : 2068 " and " Hannibal " on the Rettenbach Glacier in Soelden ), and an Airport ( " Taurus Rubens " ) have been serving as a stage.
  10. "We have the same team, with regards to our veterans, and some new younger athletes moving up who have potential, " alpine director Jesse Hunt said Saturday as the World Cup season opened with a women's giant slalom on the Rettenbach Glacier high in the Tirolean Alps . " Our team has matured, and we're ready to go meet that goal of eight medals.

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