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"retted" in Chinese  
  1. They are then pulled, and after the seed has been removed are retted in the ordinary way.
  2. When the jute stalk is well retted, the stalk is grabbed in bundles and hit with a long wooden hammer to make the fiber loose from the jute hurd or core.
  3. Flax was used to make linen but before spinning and weaving the stems were " retted "; soaking in running water, a procedure which could have used the stream which also powered the mills.
  4. The retted stalks, called straw, are dried in open air or by mechanical means, and are frequently stored for a short period to allow " curing " to occur, facilitating fibre removal.
  5. A small Creole style cottage of " bousillage " ( a mixture of retted Spanish moss, animal hair and mud used as infill material in French Creole dwellings ) and half-timber still stands on her actual 1780s-1816 farmstead, off Cedar Bend Road ( Latitude 31.681271 / Longitude-93.018800 ).
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  7. The holiday, a break in printing, was traditionally also the day that papermakers took a break from making paper for the printers, and used up the last of the pulp to make paper for windows, waxed paper being the traditional window material for the yeoman class before the use of glass became more widespread, and after this was done, the pulp vats would be cleaned out for the new fibre, made from rags collected in the spring, and retted ( prepared by rotting ) over the summer.

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