rettbergsaue in a sentence

  1. Bundesautobahn 643 crosses the Rhine via the Rettbergsaue on the Schierstein Bridge.
  2. Because the island is free of traffic and dogs are banned, Rettbergsaue is an especially popular recreation area for families with children.
  3. There is also a staircase to the " Rettbergsaue " in the center of the river on the upstream ( east ) side of the bridge.
  4. The western part, which had been named Karth鋟ser Island in the Late Middle Ages, acquired the name of Rettbergsaue in 1832 from the Baron ( German " Freiherr " ) Carl von Rettberg.
  5. The selected route of the Schierstein Bridge required the crossing of five specific areas : the Schierstein floodplain, the Schierstein arm of the Rhine, Rettbergsaue Island, the Mombach arm of the Rhine, and the Mombach floodplain.
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