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  1. Ralph von Rettberg was credited with 8 aerial victories.
  2. In the long run, Rettberg argues, the book market will benefit from competition.
  3. After moving to Schwerin he studied under Friedrich L黨rss, Paul Aron, and George Rettberg.
  4. As a result, a new language is developing, Rettberg said, and like all Internet phenomena, it is evolving quickly.
  5. Scott Rettberg, founder of the Electronic Literature Organization, said the linear progression of a printed collection reflects its editor's artistic decisions.
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  7. James Rettberg, the FBI specialist, told jurors he isolated fingerprints on the covers of four timing devices that could have set off bombs.
  8. On the first national U . S . tour, he was played by Robert McClure, who was later replaced by Seth Rettberg ( McClure's understudy during the tour ).
  9. The pilot, Lt . Thomas S . Rettberg, 59, had been flying for the department since 1978 and worked for the department since 1965, said public safety spokesman Chris Kramer.
  10. The western part, which had been named Karth鋟ser Island in the Late Middle Ages, acquired the name of Rettbergsaue in 1832 from the Baron ( German " Freiherr " ) Carl von Rettberg.
  11. Andre Rettberg, managing director of Librodisk, an Austrian retailing chain that sells books, compact disks, videos and home office supplies, has vowed to bring the issue before the European courts if the commission fails to end the agreement.
  12. Media critic Scott Rettberg conceives of the project, with its abstract use of language, within the tradition of 20th century avant-garde movements, especially Dada sound poetry, rejecting what he sees as the common focus on novelty in electronic literature.
  13. "' Rod "'is a blue Las Vegas production of the show, and was the understudy for Smith on Broadway until June 18, 2009, when Seth Rettberg ( from the first national U . S . tour ) took over.
  14. "People who didn't write letters, who didn't read books, now have textuality as part of their regular everyday experience, " said Scott Rettberg, executive director of the Electronic Literature Organization, a group formed to promote online literature.
  15. BG George DeGrey, BG Bull RHA, Thompson, Lawson, two unknown ), two King's German Legion ( Rettberg, Cleeves ) and five Portuguese ( Rozierres, Da Cunha Preto, Da Silva, Freira, Sousa ) batteries under BG Edward Howorth.
  16. "' Ralph von Rettberg "'( 1 March 1911  25 February 2004 ) was a ace and recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross during World War II . The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross was awarded to recognise extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership.
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