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  1. Sometimes those holiday parables of love reveal themselves only in retrospect.
  2. In retrospect, Marion managers made a lot of smart moves.
  3. A bit wiser in retrospect, he admitted he was wrong.
  4. In retrospect, the Rangers were the dominant topic of conversation.
  5. I also trust that in retrospect that will be materially demonstrated.
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  7. In retrospect, I'd pitch them differently ."
  8. In retrospect, he is somewhat amazed he is still walking.
  9. In retrospect, Castro said, maybe he should have been.
  10. But in retrospect we had to admit John Hinds was right.
  11. In retrospect, he said, Hart played New Hampshire perfectly.
  12. In retrospect, what took them so long to get upset?
  13. In retrospect, it was a mistake to close the government,
  14. Hard to anticipate, market bottoms are clear only in retrospect.
  15. In retrospect, this may not have been the wisest idea.
  16. "In retrospect, yes, " he said.
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