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  1. Because of weight constraints, there was no backup retrorocket engine.
  2. At 6 minutes 54 seconds after launch, retrorockets were fired.
  3. Retrorockets on the side of the car slowed the vehicle.
  4. SA-3 also featured the first use of retrorockets on Apollo hardware.
  5. It used a heat shield, parachute and retrorockets to slow its descent.
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  7. Like Spirit, Opportunity will be slowed first by a parachute, then retrorockets.
  8. Its heat shield and retrorockets functioned as expected.
  9. Biosatellite 1 was not recovered because of the failure of a retrorocket to ignite.
  10. Using aerobraking means that Mars Odyssey did not need to be fitted with special retrorockets.
  11. The solid-fuel retrorocket may have exploded near the end of its scheduled burn.
  12. The spacecraft was maneuvered into retrofire attitude and the first retrorocket fired . " Roger.
  13. It then encountered strong winds as it descended, which caused uneven firing of the retrorockets.
  14. Solid-fuel retrorockets had been removed from the interstage between the first and second stages.
  15. _A small parachute will deploy and retrorockets will fire, slowing the capsule's descent.
  16. The Centaur stage on both flights was set up to perform a retrorocket maneuver after capsule separation.
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