rest against in a sentence

"rest against" in Chinese  
  1. Jim Brett rests against a rock and scowls out at the scenery.
  2. Flowers and teddy bears and a few photos rest against the side.
  3. The background is soft and hazy, and the man rests against it.
  4. A lance rests against the shoulder of a youthful-looking St . Michael.
  5. Jim Lonborg pitched on two days'rest against Bob Gibson, who had three days'rest.
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  7. For now, it rests against the crumbling wreckage of the riverfront.
  8. The government was expected to rest against case against the pair early Friday.
  9. A series of elongated wooden staffs, " ukhurhe ", rest against the wall.
  10. Here and there, rotting wooden ladders rest against the stone walls.
  11. On two days'rest against Larsen, he won Game 7 with a 5-0 seven-hitter.
  12. The pub building rests against Castle Rock upon which Nottingham Castle is built.
  13. The car came to rest against a post, only slightly damaged.
  14. The theory is that the legs rest against each other in the womb,
  15. The ball rolls downhill 6 meters before coming to a rest against a tree.
  16. Between the handles there is a square cushion for the knuckles to rest against.
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