ressurected in a sentence

"ressurected" in Chinese  
  1. King said after describing how Tyson had ressurected him from a " media cave of death ."
  2. Doing so, together they become EPA Detectives and the powerful force of Boles and Dank which has been dead for many years has been ressurected.
  3. Some articles are casualties in the wiki-wars, but many more articles survive than die, and they can all be ressurected at some point.
  4. Wikipedia is offered here the choice between a bunch of brand new sock puppets and ressurected accounts who are members of a mysoginistic hate movement and a dedicated professional with decades of experience.
  5. Avatars are human-like creatures that are born with the powers of the elements : water, fire, earth and air . They can control these natural elements at their will . There can only be four avatars in the world at once, wich for the four elements . When a Avatar is killed he will be ressurected and start a new life in a new body.
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