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  1. In Brazil, No . 10 has a particularly powerful resonance.
  2. There is simply no resonance for that kind of thing here.
  3. Cell doors shut with a resonance that registers in our skulls.
  4. Harper is scheduled to undergo a magnetic resonance imaging test today.
  5. Who could have expected a loss to carry such enduring resonance?
  6. It's difficult to find resonance in a sentence.
  7. Yet his observations on being a father carry a special resonance.
  8. For President Bill Clinton, that statement holds a special resonance.
  9. Nor has there been any magnetic resonance imaging of the leg.
  10. The resonance can be blissfully sensuous, at times even playful.
  11. But as the monologue continues, they acquire an increasing resonance.
  12. At this point, some of the jokes have lost resonance:
  13. But it has special historical resonance within African-American culture.
  14. But the timing of his latest remarks gives them special resonance.
  15. And wildly admired for their depth of character and emotional resonance.
  16. You're looking at all the layers and resonance there.
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