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  1. The resident agent is The Corporation Trust, Inc ., in Baltimore, MD.
  2. There developed a dispute between the Resident Agent and the Maharana.
  3. Stephen L . Morris, senior resident agent at the FBI's Dayton office, said Friday.
  4. Mori was appointed the resident agent for Hiki Company, after the Ichiya company faced bankruptcy.
  5. The Board maintained resident Agents at British ports and at those foreign ports transports frequented.
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  7. The investigation continues, said Jim Modzelewski, a resident agent in charge of the Wilmington office.
  8. A flour mill, granary, storehouse, and dwellings for the resident agent and the chiefs were built.
  9. It was not until 1800 that supercargoes began to establish themselves as resident agents in Guangzhou.
  10. Information against him had been provided by Balthazar Gerbier, Charles I of England's resident agent in Brussels.
  11. "We have recovered it, " said David Fry, resident agent in charge of the bureau's Albuquerque office.
  12. "It will be a huge undertaking, " said Mike Fithen, Secret Service resident agent-in-charge for Salt Lake City.
  13. Smiley believes that Frey would use a courier like Mundt to service only one highly placed resident agent.
  14. The British Resident Agent attempted to intervene, but the British Viceroy refused to intervene out of larger political considerations.
  15. Mark Curtin, the ATF resident agent in charge of the Austin area, said no motive has been ruled out.
  16. "These organized crime enterprises don't respect geographic boundaries, " said Randy Parsons, Santa Ana FBI supervisory senior resident agent.
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