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  1. Indians'in Singapore'may be further defined in terms of nationality and residency status.
  2. Other criteria include age and grade, and current residency status in Australia.
  3. They have separate immigration policies and controls and a unique residency status.
  4. California law prohibits the turning away of patients based on residency status.
  5. The seven will be granted residency status, but will not be citizens.
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  7. Cubas said Hernandez expects to receive residency status in Costa Rica Monday.
  8. At the moment we are . . . examining his residency status,
  9. -In July 1997, Swiss bank guard Christoph Meili won permanent residency status.
  10. "We don't know their residency status when they register, " she said.
  11. -- In July 1997, Swiss banker Christoph Meili won permanent residency status.
  12. Wang, a Chinese citizen, has permanent residency status in the United States.
  13. By law, an immigrant automatically loses residency status if convicted of a felony.
  14. Many people with permanent residency status have since emigrated and taken another nationality.
  15. She also holds a dual residency status to compete internationally for her parents'homeland.
  16. _Changing the cutoff date for undocumented immigrants to qualify for permanent residency status.
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