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  1. Electronics companies have research labs in the United States and Europe.
  2. The Cambridge venture is Microsoft's first overseas research lab.
  3. The entourage stopped for lunch at the county vegetable research lab.
  4. Animals in research labs are suffering less than cocks in cockfighting.
  5. But cloning is by no means limited to the research lab.
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  7. DEC's Western Research Lab created the Itsy Pocket Computer.
  8. He had emigrated from England to establish a glass research lab.
  9. NCU also has 47 professional research labs and 216 internship bases.
  10. Sonodyne currently operates 2 research labs, in Kolkata and Mumbai.
  11. Research Labs " organization, and formed the new research team.
  12. She worked in research labs, including one at Stanford University.
  13. _Army Research Lab, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.
  14. But it has the feel of a top-secret research lab.
  15. The companies also differ in their approach to their own research labs.
  16. AviGenics was born in the research lab of UGA scientist Robert Ivarie.
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