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  1. Khan headed Khan Research Laboratories, named after him and known as KRL.
  2. The seized substances were sent to a nuclear research laboratory for examination.
  3. The companies and research laboratories and the number of stem cell lines:
  4. The company also designs and decommissions nuclear power plants and research laboratories.
  5. Many research laboratories were founded following the model of Houssay s Institute.
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  7. The Geneva-based WHO will coordinate the monitoring efforts from national research laboratories.
  8. ARCADY and Rodel are based on the Transport Research Laboratory mathematical model.
  9. There they seized a large atomic research laboratory and experimental nuclear reactor.
  10. Russia also has smallpox strains stored at a research laboratory in Siberia.
  11. "Allegiance " also reveals something about the character of the research laboratory.
  12. Nelson is an experimental psychologist at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory.
  13. He hopes for other sales to government intelligence agencies and research laboratories.
  14. He is the only Khan Research Laboratories'employee who remains in custody.
  15. It has been developed by Finnish universities, research laboratories and industry.
  16. They were later renamed the Akers Research Laboratories in his honour.
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