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  1. Later, Borsky joined the Noise Research Laboratory at Columbia University.
  2. Ackerman started as an engineer in Corning's research laboratories.
  3. The Naval Arctic Research Laboratory was established near Barrow, Alaska.
  4. As a result, their research laboratories have never been busier.
  5. Bush told reporters as he toured a research laboratory in Pittsburgh.
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  7. Pope worked for the Applied Research Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University.
  8. Pharmaceutical rival Merck is building research laboratories near Harvard Medical School.
  9. EDVAC was delivered to the Ballistics Research Laboratory in August 1949.
  10. The federal government has two major research laboratories in the area.
  11. In 1953 he joined Toronto's Connaught Medical Research Laboratories.
  12. Gregsten was a scientist at the Road Research Laboratory at Slough.
  13. The observatory is a research laboratory of Tel-Aviv University.
  14. He also established the Guinness Research Laboratory in Dublin in 1901.
  15. In 2009 he moved to eBay to head their research laboratories.
  16. In 1994 the concepts were used by Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories.
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