research into in a sentence

"research into" in Chinese  
  1. He is only now beginning research into a possible cause of dysautonomia.
  2. Fund more research into the causes of suicide and evaluate prevention programs.
  3. Yet research into the disease has been encouraging over the past decade.
  4. There was a call for more research into new processes including the
  5. We are interested in serious research into policy issues affected by gender,
  6. It's difficult to find research into in a sentence.
  7. We must help our African colleagues take research into their own hands,
  8. He also claimed the company suppressed scientific research into developing safer cigarettes.
  9. They said the findings should prompt research into why this is so.
  10. A main goal of the institute is fostering research into microbe genetics.
  11. Q Toyota is in the forefront of research into alternatives to gasoline?
  12. During this time Hertz conducted his landmark research into electromagnetic waves.
  13. I hope it spurs a lot of research into this area.
  14. The idea came from research into other saltwater fish breeding techniques.
  15. Research into resistance to scrapie and to other parasites is ongoing.
  16. He will also call for more research into global warming itself.
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