research into aging in a sentence

  1. Melov, for example, began his research into aging at Emory University's Center for Molecular Medicine.
  2. The statewide effort comes as complete maps of human genes, once a scientific dream and now expected in just a few years, are likely to spark the next generation of research into aging and diseases.
  3. In 2009, de Grey and several others founded the SENS Research Foundation, a California-based scientific research organization which conducts research into aging and funds other anti-aging research projects at various universities.
  4. Dr . Timothy Salthouse, a cognitive psychologist at the Georgia Institute of Technology and co-author of the book " Adult Development and Aging, " said that research into age-related memory was controversial.
  5. In the action plan, they said " a society for all ages " should include improved elderly access to public health services, prevention of old-age dependency, research into aging topics and inclusion of younger generations in elderly life.
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