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  1. Eagle Geophysical also will include Energy Research International, a Cayman Islands corporation.
  2. The case is Quality King Distributors v . L'anza Research International, 96-1470.
  3. State Street Research International Equity investors have suffered through dismal performances lately.
  4. According to WorldSec Research International Ltd, these measures may help offset import growth.
  5. Citrus Research International ( CRI ) has a major facility in the city.
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  7. It was conducted by Oxford Research International and funded by the University of Oxford.
  8. Enthusiasm among Americans is picking up, according to London-based Marketing & Opinion Research International.
  9. A Market Opinion Research International poll published Thursday showed Labor support slipping 5 points.
  10. He later became a Results Coach at Robbins Research International.
  11. The product was shipped to the clinic by Tucson, Ariz .-based Toxin Research International.
  12. Research International's Philip Barnard became Kantar's first CEO and chairman.
  13. She worked as a systems analyst for Quantum Research International before retiring on disability.
  14. After all, who was he to say he heads up " Robbins Research International "?
  15. The poll was conducted by Research International Australia and no margin of error was released.
  16. The telephone poll by Market Opinion and Research International was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday.
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