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  1. It is a site of international research interest on coastal erosion.
  2. His research interest is in discrete mathematics, especially graph theory.
  3. His research interests span over Solid Mechanics, Nanomechanics and Biomechanics.
  4. His research interests include clinical trials for genitourinary malignancies and mesothelioma.
  5. His current research interests are primarily concerned with modeling dialysis technology.
  6. It's difficult to find research interests in a sentence.
  7. A variety of other research interests claimed Dr Isserlin s attention.
  8. Research in the University of Athens includes almost all research interests.
  9. His research interests cover identity and belief, and Anglican leadership.
  10. Huntington's primary research interest was the foundations of mathematics.
  11. His research interests include theology, alternative medicine and disaster ethics.
  12. His research interests include network measurement, modeling, and analysis.
  13. Following are the three academic departments based on the research interest.
  14. Research interests include rheumatology, stroke, respiratory medicine and oncology.
  15. His areas of research interests are game theory and industrial organization.
  16. As an older scholar, his research interests continued to evolve.
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