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  1. He invented 3 research instruments to measure psychomotor learning of mentally retarded children.
  2. HMB-ARC adopts cutting-edge scientific discoveries, and creates innovative marketing research instruments.
  3. Neutron research instruments are developed using several neutron beam lines leading from the core.
  4. It is designed to carry research instruments higher and for longer than any other balloon.
  5. The study required the development of research instruments, tests, and study of ten representative areas.
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  7. France had requested that NASA launch a French satellite which they identified as a research instrument.
  8. Van Allen led the scientific community for the inclusion of scientific research instruments on space satellites.
  9. Research instruments are also often insufficiently sensitive to discriminate between independent, true dual pathology, and substance-induced symptoms.
  10. Magnetic micro particles are proven research instruments for the separation of cells and proteins from complex media.
  11. Lenses produced by these techniques are used in telescopes, projection TVs, missile guidance systems, and scientific research instruments.
  12. Questions about civil status appear on questionnaires for quantitative research, such as census forms and market research instruments.
  13. "Statement measures " tend to comprise more words, and hence consume more research instrument space, than lexical measures.
  14. "' Statement measures "'tend to comprise more words, and hence consume more research instrument space, than lexical measures.
  15. Today LOMO makes military optics, scientific research instruments, criminological microscopes, medical equipment, and a range of consumer products.
  16. Modern research instruments can take infrared measurements across the range of interest as frequently as 32 times a second.
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