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  1. It is a measure of high quality output of research institutions ".
  2. Hood envisions a small campus located near other research institutions in town.
  3. Founded in 1941, Southwest Foundation is an independent, nonprofit biomedical research institution.
  4. The temporary members are selected from the leading universities and research institutions.
  5. He has discussed the importance of international research institutions for science diplomacy.
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  7. The NIH said it was up to research institutions to police themselves.
  8. Being included in a library of a research institution is nothing unusual.
  9. It is now considered the country s largest and oldest research institution.
  10. He studied extramural working as an interpreter at scientific and research institutions.
  11. Research institutions in wealthy countries have responded to this new publishing environment.
  12. The university has established academic relationships with research institutions and other universities.
  13. Yet few research institutions have formal departments or programs in the field.
  14. But Clinton seems inoculated, says Robert Lichter, president of the research institution.
  15. This CD is meant for research scholars and research institutions and libraries.
  16. CellPro counted on universities and research institutions to back the march-in petition.
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