research information in a sentence

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  1. The computers were used to complete assignments, create presentations, and research information.
  2. Systematic reviews of research information are considered the highest level of evidence.
  3. The business model of Tribevine relies on crowdsourcing of market research information.
  4. "Smithsonian Institution Research Information System; Archival, Manuscript and Photographic Collections, James Brooks"
  5. He is also Chief Health Research Information Officer of Johns Hopkins Medicine.
  6. It's difficult to find research information in a sentence.
  7. Investors use the analysts'research information and ratings system to make their investment decisions.
  8. In many fields, PhD dissertations are one of the major sources of research information.
  9. Nursing research programs were also funded and research information was exchanged across the country.
  10. Smithsonian Institution " Research Information System; Archival, Manuscript and Photographic Collections, Bradley Walker Tomlin"
  11. My 4th grader need to research information regarding interior plains in the United States.
  12. Important to this is the connection between the research information system Metis and the repositories.
  13. She taught him to type, to research information, and to express his ideas in writing.
  14. Through its publications and research information services, PIDE disseminates its research results country / worldwide.
  15. They can research information, meet people from all over.
  16. He shares the computer with his diabetes club, usually to research information on the disease.
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