research in the soviet union in a sentence

  1. After leaving RPCI, Holland spent several months conducting cancer research in the Soviet Union.
  2. She is best known for her efforts of restoring mathematical logic research in the Soviet Union and publishing and editing mathematical works of Karl Marx.
  3. Unwin, a British paleontologist, was conducting research in the Soviet Union in the 1980s when he met and married Bakhurina, who was also investigating pterosaurs.
  4. Research was also suppressed in cybernetics, psychology and psychiatry, and even organic chemistry . ( " see " suppressed research in the Soviet Union)
  5. University research in the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, and US began in the 1960s with practical usage appearing by the 1980s and 1990s.
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  7. The Stalinist era had exceedingly strict ideological pressure on scholarly research in the Soviet Union in science, together with art, literature, education, and all other domains of human culture.
  8. In the early period in communist Poland ( the Stalinist period of 1948-1956 ), sociology was banned by the communist authorities as a bourgeois pseudoscience ( see also suppressed research in the Soviet Union ).
  9. After Soviet science was liberalized in the 1960s, he moved to ion channels, developing as a leader in the actions of local anesthetics and toxins on membrane excitability and building up one of the three principal centers of ion channel research in the Soviet Union.
  10. According to a 2008 article, " Academician Abdullayev was called the Father of Physics in Azerbaijan and one of the Founders of the School of Semiconductor Research in the Soviet Union by such authoritative scientists as academicians Zh . Alferov, Yu . Gulyaev, L . Kurbatov, V . Isakov, Professor D . Nasledov, and others.
  11. :: : The article Suppressed research in the Soviet Union implies differently, and my general impression from varied reading over the decades is that, as with other murderous dictators, few dared to contradict Stalin's pronouncements however casual and however uninformed, and that much Soviet effort was wasted in consequent scientific and technological false avenues, notwithstanding other undoubted achievements.

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