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  1. It will provide heat, comfort and smoke rescuers might see.
  2. It's dangerous, and the rescuers wear flak jackets.
  3. But the weather posed extra dangers for both refugees and rescuers.
  4. There, he joined rescuers from a fleet of emergency vehicles.
  5. Rescuers frantically searched through 2, 000 collapsed buildings in Kobe.
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  7. Rosensaft said, citing well-known rescuers of European Jews.
  8. She said she can see it in the rescuers'eyes.
  9. They are not the only rescuers toiling alongside Oklahoma City firefighters.
  10. Rescuers are showing signs of stress, both physically and emotionally,
  11. The rescuers gathered him in and took off to the Kearsarge.
  12. I want to talk to the rescuers who are there first,
  13. Battered women and their rescuers always are looking over their shoulder.
  14. The rescuers said it was a sight they would never forget.
  15. Dozens of rescuers picked through the smoldering ruins of the homes.
  16. Mauricio and Mercedes huddled on the mountain, waiting for rescuers.
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