rescue in a sentence

"rescue" meaning  "rescue" in Chinese  
  1. Psychics and an animal-rescue crew failed to find her.
  2. And who better than Tom Watson to come to the rescue?
  3. -- House leaders will be busy rescuing the crime bill.
  4. -- After a blazing gunbattle, Woody rescues the girl.
  5. Waxman was killed during a failed rescue attempt by the army.
  6. It's difficult to find rescue in a sentence.
  7. "They're there for a rescue,"
  8. He has invented an elevator for rescuing people from burning buildings.
  9. That was the day Operation Rescue hit two clinics at once.
  10. The agency has often had to rescue stranded adventurers facing death.
  11. It would be a long way in to do a rescue.
  12. It also supplements the fun in numbers that need no rescuing.
  13. Blinn said Operation Rescue would not use violence against its neighbor.
  14. But I never saw myself as the beautiful princess being rescued.
  15. Duffy and his shipmates dived into the sea and rescued them.
  16. To the rescue : Tide . . . and Vons Club.
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