rescue 21 in a sentence

  1. Rescue 21 modernizes the system's technology.
  2. There were no drownings, although lifeguards had to rescue 21 people in serious trouble.
  3. Rescue 21 enables the Coast Guard to perform all missions with greater agility and efficiency.
  4. The name Rescue 21 is a reference to taking the Search out of Search and Rescue.
  5. Rescue 21 deployment for all regions is to be completed by Sept . 2006 . _ _ _=
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  7. Remote sites in Alaska and along the Western Rivers are scheduled to receive modified Rescue 21 coverage by 2017.
  8. By the time the survivors were rescued 21 hours later, Hornell was blinded and weak from exposure and cold.
  9. Authorities said Sri Lankan navy boats rescued 21 of the 28 crew members, who abandoned ship when the rebels attacked.
  10. Ugandan rebels abducted 21 civilians hours before government troops rescued 21 others seized earlier this week, a government official said Thursday.
  11. An Italian navy warship rescued 21 members of a German cargo ship after it caught fire near Crete, an official said Monday.
  12. As of August 2013, the U . S . Coast Guard provides a Sea Area A1 service through its Rescue 21 system.
  13. On 30 December 1943, " U-618 " rescued 21 survivors from German destroyer Z27 . and its escort.
  14. Coast Guard VHF Radio stations are currently being upgraded through the Rescue 21 program to meet the US obligations under the Global Maritime Distress Safety System.
  15. The Coast Guard rescued 21 fishermen Thursday from ice on Lake Erie after an ice bridge broke apart and left them stranded more than a mile from shore.
  16. Rescue 21 will cover more than of coastline, navigable rivers and waterways in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico.
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