rescue 1122 in a sentence

  1. The Rescue 1122 office is also situated there.
  2. Rescue 1122 includes Emergency Ambulance, Rescue & Fire services and a Community Safety program.
  3. Presently, Rescue 1122 is representing a model of integrated emergency services in the world.
  4. Training material developed by Punjab Emergency Service ( Rescue 1122 ) supports the practical training.
  5. "' Rescue 1122 "'( ) is an emergency service that serves Punjab Province in Pakistan.
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  7. He is now even called as'1122'by correlating the name with his province's emergency rescue 1122 service.
  8. Dr Rizwan Naseer is the current Director General of Rescue 1122 Pakistan . This updated by Amir shahzad S / O Ghulam Sarwar ( Fire Rescuer ) 33 station Rescue Faisalabad
  9. Bilateral collaboration between PES and emergency services of the United Kingdom have trained emergency officers in the UK . Moreover, Rescue 1122 is now also training Pakistan Army's Medical Corp.
  10. "' Mughees and Muneeb Butt "'( } } ) were two Pakistani brothers who were lynched by mob on August 15, 2010 in Sialkot, local police and Rescue 1122.
  11. In that year, Rescue 1122 was launched as a professional pre-hospital emergency service, and it has managed to achieve an average response time of 7 minutes, comparable to that of developed nations.
  12. After the success of the Lahore Pilot Project launched in 2004, Rescue 1122 is operational in all Districts of Punjab with a population of over 80 million and providing technical assistance to other Provinces of Pakistan.
  13. Shazia Perveen ( Born 1990 ), who hails from Vehari District in Punjab, joined the Rescue 1122 emergency services as a firefighter in 2010, fighting fire with conflagrations in a field feared even by most men.
  14. His other notable achievement include setting up Pervaiz Elahi Institute of Cardiology in Multan, University of Gujrat in Gujrat, Traffic Wardens system in Lahore, Rescue 1122 service in Punjab, water course brick lining and Lahore Ring Road Project.
  15. Tehsil Kot Chutta is very developed area, the Condition of Health and Education is very good only rural health department in every Union council and one tehsil headquarter Hospital which have low facilitation, in education some new degree colleges are in under construction, the office of Rescue 1122 is also in under construction . ] ].

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