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  1. This area is still very rescuable, and so we took up action.
  2. But it's usually useless on the kinds of topics that attract deletionists and inclusionists like moths to a flame, if those articles are rescuable they will attract lots of eyes anyway.
  3. Obviously even now any editor at Wikipedia can choose to do this to whatever articles they think rescuable-- it does not take an administrator, and it does not take a change it policy.
  4. I would like to thank user "'Jclemens "'for having made a constructive retagging the page as rescuable but with the demonstrated disregard for published Wikipedia policy and the rush to delete this page I doubt that it will succeed.
  5. The poorly reviewed industrial espionage thriller " Bad Company " dredged up a bankrupt $ 1.5 million on 302 screens, while the even more critically despised grunge-generation satire " S . F . W . " took a beyond-rescuable $ 44, 227 hostage in 44 theaters.
  6. It's difficult to find rescuable in a sentence.
  7. :"'5 . "'( Optional question from talk ) Suppose you looking around for XfD debates to close and you come across one that has, say 6 favoring deletion and 2 favoring keeping, and you think the article is rescuable from the unsourced / nn / possibly promotional state it is currently in.
  8. I did not participate in the debate, but it occurred to me that a question that should have been raised was whether this article is rescuable as a NPOV article, or whether it represents arrant propaganda for the theory, and would need to be totally rewritten, in which case it would be eligible for speedy deletion as G11.
  9. If the article is kept I think we would want to use those sources as the basis for a more-or-less complete rewrite and rename the article to match the correct name . ( I was taking it on trust that the article was correctly named which is why I wasn't finding stuff when I searched for sources and why I assumed it would be easier than it is . ) As it stands the article is pretty much a puff piece but now we have some better sources it may be rescuable after all .-- talk ) 23 : 01, 26 April 2011 ( UTC)

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