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  1. Lincoln's RESCU system offers a solution.
  2. At the touch of a button, RESCU signals for medical or road assistance.
  3. A changeable message sign on northbound parkway, part of the RESCU traffic management system
  4. That's what makes RESCU worthwhile.
  5. With that in mind, Motorola, Ford Motor Co ., and Westinghouse recently introduced Lincoln RESCU.
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  7. The price for RESCU has not been set, but is expected to be about $ 1, 000.
  8. (BBOX ) Convenient features : Lincoln features the Remote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit ( RESCU ) on its Continental models.
  9. General Motors'OnStar and Ford Motor Co .'s Rescu systems link owners with call centers via cellphones and satellite technology.
  10. More imminent, though, and one of the neater gadgets heading down the high-tech highway, is Lincoln's RESCU option.
  11. She named it Rescu-Pal, and patented the system, which uses two transmitter-receivers about the size of a transistor radio.
  12. Last year, Lincoln introduced its RESCU emergency response system that summoned aid to the stricken Lincoln motorist using global positioning satellites to locate the car precisely.
  13. The Lincoln-Mercury Division of Ford offers its Rescu system _ a safety and security feature, rather than a navigation unit _ on the Continental.
  14. RESCU uses global positioning satellite technology in conjunction with the nation's cellular network, which covers about 90 percent of the U . S . population.
  15. Wendi Parson, a spokesman at Ford, says that of the 1, 000 motorists driving cars equipped with RESCU, none have encountered a dire emergency.
  16. But the main product news was RESCU, an acronym for remote emergency satellite cellular unit, a personal security system to be offered as a Lincoln Continental option.
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