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  1. Siegel cautions against the use of violence in rescripting.
  2. Rehearsal involves putting rescripting to the test.
  3. It consists of what he calls the four R's : reassurance, rescripting, rehearsal and resolution.
  4. In the case of trauma, imagery rescripting involves a reworking of the emotional memories in the direction of meeting needs such as safety.
  5. This involves a process called " imagery rescripting " through which painful memories are revised in ways that allow for the patient to meet their needs.
  6. It's difficult to find rescripting in a sentence.
  7. Lustig has also become known for his clever post-modern rescripting of panels from old romance comic pages previously published by Charlton Comics under the banner Last Kiss.
  8. Pasko was unimpressed with King Kobra, feeling it to be a throwaway idea churned out by Kirby as he was preparing to leave DC, and tried to make the best of the assignment by whiting out all of Kirby's original dialogue, rescripting the issue, and having Pablo Marcos redraw some of the art.

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