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"remain" meaning  "remain" in Chinese  
  1. We will be partners so your nations will forever remain free,
  2. Communist or not, it remains a worry to Eastern Europeans.
  3. Their major common problem remains creating enough new, good jobs.
  4. He plans to remain a member of Spectrum's board.
  5. It remains for Watson as the defining moment of his career.
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  7. Then as now, however, it remains a divisive issue.
  8. To this day, 38 players remain immortalized on the walls.
  9. Black businessmen say banks remain reluctant to lend money to them.
  10. So, Saratoga remains an oasis in the desert of racing.
  11. It is the Bronx, though, that remains his home.
  12. Yet the broader goal of product-liability reform remains unmet.
  13. Despite its occasional flaw, the game remains special to Wooden.
  14. It remains to be seen how he fares on the floor,
  15. But failure remains rare here in the world of resort journalism.
  16. Instead, the Rangers lost both and remain two games ahead.
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