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  1. The relative phase-speed changes are depicted in the figure below.
  2. Two waves are said to be coherent if they have a constant relative phase.
  3. In the HKB model ? is the relative phase or phase relation between the fingers.
  4. where R is the reflectivity and \ nu is the relative phase of the interfering beams.
  5. Use the AO coefficients to sketch the MO . A negative coefficient inverts the relative phase.
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  7. In the second picture, it is a question of the relative phase of the component frequencies.
  8. If the points of interest are widely separated in space, it is difficult to measure the relative phase.
  9. If the relative phase of the two waves changes by one cycle, then the pattern drifts by one whole fringe.
  10. The relative phase of those two states has a value which depends on the distance from each of the two slits.
  11. The human ear is largely insensitive to phase distortion, though it is exquisitely sensitive to relative phase relationships within heard sounds.
  12. Many applications of the lock-in amplifier only require recovering the signal amplitude rather than relative phase to the reference signal.
  13. The exact angle for a Fresnel rhomb to achieve the intended 90?relative phase shift depends on the material's refractive index.
  14. In using the magnitude of the number is the amplitude of that component, and the angle is the relative phase of the wave.
  15. Any mis-alignment changed the relative phase of the signals slightly, producing a net signal that entered the receiver and produced a display.
  16. Due to a relative phase variation between the incoming and reflected beams, the nodal planes of the XSW field shift by half the XSW period.
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