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  1. In general phased array systems work by coherently reassembling signals over the entire array by using circuit elements to compensate for relative phase differences and time delays.
  2. At any off-axis listening position, although both midwoofers operate in phase ( are time-aligned ), the waves from each reach the listening position at different times ( and therefore have a relative phase difference )-at frequencies where the time displacement between the two midwoofers corresponds to one-half of one wavelength, the outputs of the two midwoofers will null.
  3. Roy J . Glauber's work was prompted by the results of Hanbury-Brown and Twiss that produced long-range ( hundreds or thousands of miles ) first-order interference patterns through the use of intensity fluctuations ( lack of second order coherence ), with narrow band filters ( partial first order coherence ) at each detector . ( One can imagine, over very short durations, a near-instantaneous interference pattern from the two detectors, due to the narrow band filters, that dances around randomly due to the shifting relative phase difference.
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