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  1. A low relative permittivity allows for higher-frequency usage.
  2. In an anisotropic material, the relative permittivity may be a tensor, causing birefringence.
  3. Relative permittivity is a complex-valued; its real and imaginary parts are denoted as:
  4. The magnitude of these normal vectors is given by the square root of the relative permittivity.
  5. Besides the relative permittivity, the size and number of layers determines the later capacitance value.
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  7. Relative permittivity describes modification of the speed of electromagnetic wave propagation as well as the wavelength.
  8. In materials with relative permittivity,, and relative permeability,, the phase velocity of light becomes
  9. At 205 癈 the relative permittivity falls to 33, the same as methanol at room temperature.
  10. Relative permittivity is the factor by which the electric field between the charges is decreased relative to vacuum.
  11. The actual permittivity is then calculated by multiplying the relative permittivity by " ? " 0:
  12. A modified version of the Curie Weiss law applies to the dielectric constant, also known as the relative permittivity:
  13. The relative permittivity of a medium is related to its electric susceptibility,, as 1 + ? e } }.
  14. As established in the previous section, the most important quantity in radiative transfer calculations of sea ice is the relative permittivity.
  15. where \ zeta is the zeta potential of the capillary wall, and \ epsilon is the relative permittivity of the buffer solution.
  16. The theory of the equilibrium relative permittivity, ? ( ? ) of dipolar substances had been developed by Onsager ( 1936 ).
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